Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Brits Are Taking Over!

Has anyone else noticed that British music is starting to eclipse American music? I am of the opinion that we still have vocally superior talent here in the states (but even that statement could be refuted by the likes of Leona Lewis), but when it comes to music at it's most basic...melodic, thoughtful lyrics, creative phrasings...the Brits are cornering the market on that, even if they're not a household name in the U.S. just yet. Five tracks that will cause a sudden urge for tea and/or fish and chips.

1. "You Give Me Something", James Morrison
If Stevie Wonder had a British lovechild, it would be James...the simple melody with strings and horns allows his husky voice to encourage you and your partner to engage in a bit of a two step after dinner.

2. "Syrup and Honey", Duffy
I'm not sure I can adequately describe her voice...I'm not sure how the blues of the Delta jumped the pond, but somehow it has. Her style reminds me a bit of what Amy Winehouse wants to sound like when she's sober. Listening to this brings to mind a sweaty juke joint, complete with moonshine.

3. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", Leona Lewis
It sounds as if this girl stole and combined Mariah and Celine's voices, much like Ursula stole Ariel's...the track itself is a bit overproduced and slick, but there is no denying her vocal control and range is amazing.

4. "Sewn", The Feeling
Catchy, midtempo, sing-along rock...will probably be on a Grey's Anatomy cd any day now.

5. "Talullah", Jamiroquai
Yes, I know that Jamiroquai has been around for ages ("Virtual Insanity" anyone?), but this is a song that defies sounds like something Chicago might sing back in the day, but I dare you not to snap your fingers to this laid back gem.

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Jason said...

I'm still not sure I can trust the British musician. I find it a bit strange that so many of them sing their songs with an "american english" accent, but speak with a "british english" accent. Something fishy there....

I will make an exception: Jamiroquai. I liked them before Maroon 5 decided to become Jamiroquai-lite.

...Turns Ipod to "Space Cowboy"